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Trying out my new catchphrase. 


Shaolin Cowboy by Geoff Darrow


Blackhawk, 1941, art by Charles “Chuck” Cuidera



How to Pet Animals by Adam Ellis

Previously: Animated Animal Facts

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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs #1, November 1990, cover by Mark Schultz


Not even if it has a hashtag.


This is everything official that I could dig up on Rogue from ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

P.S. The last picture is new and it contains Rogue, so hopefully that means she will have at least one line in the movie.

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In an item on Ain’t It Cool News about the working title for Star Wars VII (The Ancient Fear!), a pair of comments list fourteen things about the Star Wars movies as bas as or worse than Jar Jar Binks:

1. Dance number added to Jedi
2. CGI Jabba added to A New Hope
3. Han/Greedo scene changed…